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Meet the Team

Dr Jane Hanley

Dr Jane Hanley


Dr Jane Hanley is the CEO Perinatal MH Training CIC, working in partnership with experts to deliver high quality training to health professionals and practitioners who are concerned with families affected by perinatal mental health conditions and disorders. Jane has been involved with PMH for over 40 years. She is an Honorary Senior Lecturer on PMH at Swansea University and remains actively involved in research with both national and international universities. She is an Ambassador for ‘Mothers Matter’ and is the former President, and current executive member, of the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health. Jane has written four books on PMH and she and Mark are currently writing a fifth. She has written many peer reviewed articles and is a reviewer for esteemed journals and academic books. We as a team, believe that parents deserve the best possible care during the perinatal period, to ensure they enjoy parenthood

Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Fathers Mental health trainer

Mark Williams is a Keynote Speaker, Author and International Campaigner. He is passionate about perinatal mental health and the importance of raising awareness of paternal mental health to ensure better outcomes for the whole family. Mark founded the annual ‘International Fathers’ Mental Health Day’ and the #Howareyoudad Campaign. Mark has been awarded Inspirational Father of the Year, Local Hero, at the Pride of Britain awards , Point of Light, awarded by the Prime Minister and recently was given the British Citizen Award. He is an Ambassador for the charity ‘Mothers for Mothers’. Mark regularly speaks on both national and international radio and television. He has written several articles on paternal mental health and has published the report "Fathers Reaching Out - Why Dads Matter’, He has also written 2 books, ‘Fathers and Perinatal Mental Health and ‘Daddy Blues’, which has been made into a film. A third book on Perinatal Mental Health is in press.

Jane Honikman

Lead Grandparents trainer

Hi, I’m Jane Honikman, M.S. from California USA I am the co-founder of Postpartum Education for Parents (PEP), co-founder of the Postpartum Action Institute, and founder Postpartum Support International (PSI). My books are Community Support for New Families; I’m Listening: A Guide to Supporting Postpartum Families; My Diary: A Postpartum Journey from Pain to Purpose; Postpartum Action Manual: How to Provide Comfort, Encouragement, and Guidance to New Families and Parental Mental Health: Factoring in Fathers. I have a wealth of experience in the field of perinatal mental health and my passion is for everyone to be trained. .

Sarah Mair

Media Manager

As a media manager for several charities Sarah has developed many key skills surrounding social media and marketing alongside engagement and client relations. With a background in Web design and a keen eye for graphics and design Sarah has worked on many projects including national campaigns and built the current website for the perinatal Mental Health CIC. Away from this Sarah is a mother of seven boys whom she home educates and has a personal interest in supporting children with neurodiverse needs. With a lived experience of perinatal mental health Sarah says her passion comes from wanting to see a better understanding and improved support for professionals to be equipped to help parents and believes training is a vital part of that process. Sarah feels to make changes in the 1001 days for children we really need to focus on where it starts, and the pregnancy and early years can be so different if the mental health of all parents is given the empathise it requires as mentally supported parents are better equipped to raise emotionally regulated children.

lopa vibhakar

Director / trainer

A UKCP registered Systemic Couple & Family Psychotherapist and an Organisational Psychologist with more than 30 years of working with Perinatal & Postnatal couples and families. Director and Consultant Trainer at PMHTraining CIC, I have trained half England’s Perinatal Teams in our different demanding courses. Past Associate Professor at UCL Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Consultant Systemic Pathway Lead. NHS secondary mental health team Champion of multi-disciplinary professionals for consultation and training in perinatal mental health. Lopa is passionate about creating a whole system approach for perinatal and postnatal couples and families. Keeping infant in mind as the future of our society depends on creating a safe and contained family relationships including the extended family. We know that Grand-parents are very much part of the journey for the infant’s life ahead. I bring an inclusive approach to our training that supports professionals to think “whole System” approach.

Rosemarie Kelly


Hi, I’m Rosemarie - RGN, RMN, MW, HV, MSc in Genetic counselling. I have been working as a registered Senior Genetic Counsellor for the past 27 years. This has allowed me to gain extensive experience into how families deal with sudden, unwelcome changes within their unit, and how they try to interpret and adjust to the impact that their particular loss will have within both the individual and the family. I have always held a particular interest in perinatal mental health previously working as a health visitor and how the wellness evolves as the genesis of the family.

Scott Mair

Scott Mair

Lead Trainer on fathers mental health

Scott is an accomplished keynote speaker, guest lecturer, parent educator, and mental health trainer specialising in paternal mental health and cultural differences. He is one of the leading lived experience specialists in paternal mental health in the UK after his own mental health was impacted by several traumatic births and an absence of support when it was needed. With over 20 years’ experience as a parent of 7 children Scott uses his knowledge to advise and educate services on how they can support and provide better engagement with fathers and help prepare dads and partners for the journey into parenthood. During the past year Scott has been the project lead for Best Beginnings charity fathers’ advisory group, where he devised a plan for the charity on how to support fathers. Scott has recently launched Father’s beacon a support group for serving frontline fathers in collaboration with Blue minds from the Met Police force

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