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Course APP02


This course is aimed at Practitioners working with or who intent do to work with parents during the perinatal period. The course is run over 4-hour sessions on 2 consecutive days

The course sets out to raise awareness of perinatal mental health and is facilitated by Dr Jane Hanley, Mark Williams, Dr Lopa Vibhakar and Scott Mair

This course has been Certified by Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Upon completion of the course, Participants will have a clear understanding of perinatal mental health disorders such as: depression, anxiety states, eating disorders, bipolar disorders and puerperal psychosis. They will also understand the impact perinatal mental disorders and illness has on the partner, foetus and infant.

The Participants will be confident to recognise the signs and symptoms of perinatal mental health issues and disorders, with discussion on how to signpost effectively. Participants will also will understand the types of interventions available, understand their limitations and when to refer on


  • To raise awareness of the prevalence of perinatal mental disorders and illness
  • To understand how these may present
  • To explore the different manifestations, to include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and psychosis
  • To understand the effect on the parents, before and after delivery
  • To gain an insight into the effect on the infant
  • To explore the management options for healthy well being


  • Discussion of antenatal mental health – exploring the prevalence, epidemiology and risk factors
  • Exploration of the types of disorders that can affect the parent
  • The impact of perinatal mental health on the mother and family
  • Infant attachment techniques
  • Management techniques and the impact of these
  • Challenges which may be encountered
  • Understanding limitations and knowing when to refer on
  • The way forward – changing or improving practice
  • Self-awareness
  • Looking after ourselves
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