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Course LPMH03


This 2-day course is based on the historic works of Sandra Elliot and Sheela Seeley, which concentrate on a therapeutic intervention which can be delivered by health practitioner. This course focuses on the recommended 6-week plan for parents and helps the health practitioner to understand the process and progress of listening.  The course is accompanied by the book ‘Listening visit and Perinatal Mental Health’ by Jane Hanley and a ‘mood diary’ designed to help the mother reflect on her journey whilst receiving the support of the health professional. The course is facilitated by Dr Jane Hanley and Rosemarie Kelly 


    • To identify possible risk factors for psychological distress and illness
    • To understand the personal impact of perinatal mental health illness
    • To understand the impact on the infant and family
    • To understand the assessment processes
    • To understand the theoretical frameworks
    • To be able to prepare the environment
    • Examining the challenges and Barriers to communication


      • An overview of current research into telomere biology, molecular mechanisms and neurogenesis
      • Exploring societal changes and social construction
      • Exploring the antenatal period as an area for intervention
      • Examining the assessment process
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