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Course FPMH01


This course is aimed at Practitioners working with or supporting parents during the perinatal period and consists of 6-hour sessions

This course has been Certified by Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The course is designed for Practitioners to support parents during the distressing time of birth trauma. It will help the Practitioner understand the difficulties the parents may be experiencing and guide them to the help both the Practitioner and the parents may require.   The course is facilitated Lopa Vibhakar and Mark Williams

Upon completion of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of the process of bereavement, denial, anger, anxiety and the myriad of experiences that the parents may encounter. The Participants will have the confidence to recognise the interpretations of when a parent is distressed. It will provide signposting to the appropriate services and aftercare

During the course there will be participation from parents who have the lived experience of the trauma of losing a baby and who have experience of the bereavement process.

This course is usually a skills-based course, with interactions and role play, but unfortunately present circumstances have meant that it is presented online.   However, this does not detract from the importance of the interaction of the participants and we aim to make the courses as inclusive as possible by limiting the numbers to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns, to enable safe and well-informed interactions.



  •      To understand the importance of the mental health assessment process during the antenatal period

    ·         To recognise the presentation of the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression

    ·         To explore the incidence of traumatic deliveries and aftercare

    ·         To gain understanding on the importance of good midwifery to alleviate poor mental health

    ·         To understand the reactions of parents and staff

    ·         To gain an insight into the process of aftercare

    ·         To ensure good practice is reflected and to know when to refer on



  • Introductions and background of participants
  • Hope and concerns
  • An understanding the prevalence and statistics of traumatic birth
  • Exploration of the physical needs of the pregnant mother
  • An examination of the obstetric needs of the mother
  • An exploration the mental health needs of the parents
  • An understanding of the perinatal mental health needs of the parents following a miscarriage
  • The understanding of the perinatal mental health needs of the parents following a termination
  • The understanding of the perinatal mental health needs of the parents following a stillbirth
  • Management of the bereavement process
  • Recognition the challenges and barriers
  • Exploration of the challenges when parents are attempting to conceive
  • An understanding of the types of perinatal mental health support during subsequent pregnancies
  • Examination of current aftercare practices
  • Exploration of the ways in which current practice can be improved or changed
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