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Lunchtime meeting with Assoc Professor Richard Fletcher in the Victory Services Club London

Mark Williams and I met Richard who is was on a flying visit from Australia, before attending the WAIMH conference in Dublin.  Richard is the Principal Investigator of SMS4dads and SMSDeadlyDads  at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales. Richard is keen to spread his good works as this is a widely accepted free service within Australia  Info & Tips for New Dads – SMS4dads

SMS4dads is designed to text friendly advice and information to new fathers, expectant fathers, families and health care professionals advice on  roles, responsibilities, expectations, fears and general wellbeing  

SMSDeadlyDads sends short text with tips, information and links to fathers’ phones just when the father and his infant need them to connect, support mother and look after themselves. The unique texts are designed for the First Nation fathers; Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. Fathers are able to sign up online with their mobile number and the infant’s due or birth date.

We  hope this excellent, innovative service is something that will be considered within the UK and even better if Wales considered it as a first!

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