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Course AMPM01


We have launched our new ‘Ambassador’ role for those practitioners and professionals who wish to promote excellence and quality in the delivery of Perinatal Mental Health within our communities

We are passionate about every parent having access to the best possible care for their wellbeing during the perinatal period and beyond

Our Community Interest Company (CIC) is dedicated to training health and social care practitioners.

You will be eligible to carry this status by completing and passing our 8-hour ‘Awareness’ course and the assignment, then you will be armed with the credentials to become a Brand Ambassador for Perinatal Mental Health.

There are many ways in which this can be an advantage to both you and your organisation.

        • Entitlement to 15% off further courses. You are then an ‘Influencer’ encouraging others to appreciate importance of understanding the process of perinatal mental health and the value of our training.
        • If you introduce a colleague or a friend to our courses, they will receive 10% off the first course they purchase. Not only are you spreading the word about the significance of good perinatal mental health, but you can also improve your own portfolio with certificates and gain 8 CPD credits in the process!
        • An Ambassadors’ handbook will be available for you as an easy reference to help you to consolidate what you have learnt
        • Following the publication next year of our book Perinatal Mental Health for Professionals and Parents, you will receive a free copy
        • You will receive updates of the latest in perinatal mental health research and development, via our newsletter
        • We will provide you with a card and lanyard which will identify you as an ambassador
        • We will be here to support you with a future online community
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