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Course CPMH01


Our experience, and the feedback from health and social care practitioners, has highlighted the need for more in-depth training on certain aspects of Parent’s Mental Health. In particular, these are :-

Intimacy during the perinatal period

Issues around aggression and hostility

It is often difficult to broach these subjects and yet they are often an integral part of the relationship between the mother and her partner.  One of the main factors for relationship breakdown is the misunderstanding about the lack of intimacy, yet some feel this is a difficult subject ask the questions.

Scott Mair and Mark Williams provide a half day workshop on the importance of introducing the subject to parents and providing the Practitioner with the skills to discuss both of these subjects.


  • To discuss the risk factors for psychological distress and illness
  • To understand the personal impact of perinatal mental health illness on both parents
  • To understand the impact on the infant and family
  • To understand the theoretical frameworks which underpin the behaviours
  • To examine the challenges and barriers to communication


  • Exploring societal changes and social construction
  • An overview of the theoretical frameworks
  • Barriers to listening – not offering advice / suggestions
  • Difference between thoughts and feelings
  • Exploring and developing the existing skills of listening
  • Understanding and grasping the underlying reasons for complex approaches and cases
  • Exploring confidentiality
  • Recognising limitations with the parent and referring onto other services
  • Promoting care of self
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