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Course LPMH01


This is a new way of thinking about the mental health of your clients in your salon or spa. Some may be suffering from increased anxiety or perhaps are feeling low and depressed. If you listen effectively will help the client to hear themselves and understand their own problems. This is a 2-hour course which will be facilitated by Dr Jane Hanley and Rosemarie Kelly. 

This course has been Certified by Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


    • To understand that some of the clients may be suffering from perinatal mental health problems
    • To be aware that they might have not told anyone how they feel
    • To understand that perinatal mental illness affects 1 in 10 mothers and fathers with anxiety and stress affecting 1:4. These numbers will increase during and after the Covid 19 pandemic
    • To be aware that poor mental health can cause relationship problems
    • To know that listening is a skill but can be learnt
    • To be confident in listening
    • To understand what may hinder listening
    • To be able to signpost the client to the appropriate services


  • What the literature says about the importance of listening
  • The importance of combining relaxing and listening
  • The importance of developing a rapport and trust
  • Listening actively and passively
  • Barriers to listening – not offering advice / suggestions
  • Difference between thoughts and feelings
  • Knowing your limitations
  • Knowing when to guide the client to the appropriate services
  • Keeping safe
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